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Bingo.Family is a cool combination of numbers and colors that can help you train your brain while having fun. The objective is simple: match the numbers on the board to those given by the computer. You score points by matching more numbers at once, so it’s important to plan your moves strategically. Bingo loves having you around, and has prepared tons of free bingo games, just for you!

🔥🔥 For Bingo lovers around the world, Bingo.Family is officially launched today 🔥🔥

The hottest event this summer | Bingo.Family Official Launching

💌 Opening (PVP — Practice — Swap function) and will temporarily not open (Market Place & Event League) for fairness reasons!!!

👉 Congratulation for this amazing event and thank you for being around us, we are strong honored. Therefore, we are going to organize a big minigame for Bingo lovers around the world with the rewards upto $2500 and many greats NFTs giveaways in the first week of official Bingo.Family launching event. There are both plenty of fun and words of thanks for Bingo lovers. It’s a motivation for Bingo to create this game.

⚠️ Do not miss it out! Stay tuned for the next update. More information will be released as fast as possible!!!!!

* The purpose of creating the Bingo.Family game is to make the bingo game enjoyed by people around the world into an NFT bingo game based on blockchain technology, which is easy for users to access, is public-friendly, and rewards users’ time and effort. The goal is to make it a profitable game with economic value.

* The BGOF game allows users to compete fairly with each other with the fundamental pleasure of bingo games and provides real-time rewards by forming an incentive ecosystem for game participation with points and BGOF tokens

* Game participants can collect NFT bingo cards that are valuable as digital assets along with a blockchain-based transparent reward system and have an opportunity to generate sustainable profits along with other fun in their daily life.

👉Bingo Game: Exciting game play — Awesome features

✦ Start conquering magic numbers with 10.000 coins for free.

✦ Displays your world ranking and high score in leaderboard.

✦Smart interface, stimulates the activity of the brain.

✦ Multiple card play- One bingo card is SO easy- The more entries the more prizes!

✦ Challenge interesting levels, collect more coins and enjoy your brain time!

✦ Head to head/ Practice Mode: Playing with friends is fun but to improve your skills, you should play in practice mode.

👉 How to play BGOF?

- First of all, you will need to buy your tickets. Bingo.Family offers 4 online bingo tickets: Cherry, Banana, Orange, Mango and are available before the start of the game in the bingo lobby.

- Tickets with a high entry will have big awards. The game will start when the time countdown. If number is on your ticket(s), tap it. However, if you’re playing in a club for the first time — pay attention! The pace can take a bit of getting used to, but it’s all part of the fun and gets your adrenaline pumping.

- One of the hardest parts about playing in a club or in a bingo hall is keeping up with the pace of which the numbers are called. Finding and marking numbers is no small achievement when you have to juggle a number of cards and try to mark them off as soon as you find them, and that’s why you’ll find that most land-based bingo games need some sort of quiet.

* Tips: Practice before a head-to-head battle to improve your observation skill.

Let your mind relax with this Bingo.Family. We would love to hear from you, wherever you are in the world!

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Let’s Bingo.Family and Earn!

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NFT Bingo Game is a fun game played by people all over the world. It is an NFT online board game based on blockchain which is easy and highly enjoyable to play!