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2 min readJul 22, 2022


Bingo.Family First Mini Game

🎉️🎉 REWARDS UP TO $2500 ️🎉️🎉

👉TIME [Start: July 22 — End: August 3 ]

👉PLATFORM [Facebook — Twitter — Telegram — Discord]

Amazing rewards for Every Bingo Lovers!!!

️🏆 1st Prize (1 prizes): Top the highest score (each platform) receive 150 BGOF and 5 NFT rank S (random number)

️🏆 2nd Prize (10 prizes): Top 5 highest score (each platform) receive 50 BGOF and 3 NFT rank S (random number)

🏆 3rd Prize (15 prizes): Top 5 highest score (each platform) receive 25 BGOF and 1 NFT rank S (random number)

“The number of Bingo members with the highest score in each prize will be taken according to the highest score from top to bottom”

👀 How to get rewards?

1. Like + follow Bingo.Family official page on Facebook, Twitter | Join Bingo.Family Dicord, Telegram group

+ Facebook:

+ Twitter:

+ Telegram:

+ Discord:

2. Screenshot your point in game play with your score and comment it on Bingo.Family announcement official lauching post on Facebook, Twitter | Post on Bingo.Family Dicord, Telegram group

3. Fill information in this link: Google Form

  • Note: You must fill out this form completely to have a chance to claim the reward.


A big minigame for Bingo lovers around the world, There are both plenty of fun and words of thanks for Bingo lovers. It’s a motivation for Bingo to create this game.

👉 Do not miss it out! Stay tuned for the next update. More information will be released as fast as possible!!!!! Hope you enjoy it 💌

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