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The origin of Bingo Family and the Bingo Game.

2 min readMay 27, 2022

It’s known that Bingo originated from a number matching game played by called lotto. The first record of Bingo was found in 1778 and appeared in the States in the early 19th century, then rapidly spread around the world.

In general, there is a card divided into 25 squares, laid out in 5 rows and 5 columns with numbers from 1–70 randomly arranged in the boxes exclude the center box. Each participant is delivered a different card. In the early days of Bingo, players sit around a box with numbers written on it, then throw a ball or an arrow into the box to pick a number publicly and draw the number from their card that is equal to the number picked from the box.

Nowadays, Bingo is mainly played as a game that makes a straight line in the form of the horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line by picking the numbers or words (university name, country name, city name, etc. ..) written in 5x5 squares card. With a pen and paper, players draw some horizontal and vertical lines (5x5 form is usually used) and randomly write numbers or words on a specific topic on it. Then take turns to cast out the numbers or words and circle the ones on their card. This game decides the winner by finishing a straight horizontal, vertical or diagonal line will win the game. The one shouting out loud the word “Bingo” first will be the winner.


As the simplest Bingo game, a score is obtained every time a user completes 5 horizontal, vertical, and diagonal Bingo for 2 minutes in 1:1 mode, and the user with the highest final score is the winner. And the winner will receive higher points than the loser.


To start the BINGO FAMILY game, you need to purchase an NFT Bingo card through the procedure below.

1. Install Metamask Wallet

2. Purchase BINGO FAMILY (BGF) tokens using Metamask wallet at Pancake Swap

3. Purchase an NFT Bingo card with BGF tokens equivalent to $10 on the official website BINGO FAMILY

4. Start the game

Relax your mind with this classical game — Bingo Family. Have fun in classic Bingo, multiple Bingo, and other innovative Bingo modes!

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