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5 interesting facts about NFT Games. Designed by Bingo F. Team

1. NFTs give gamers even greater control than microtransactions

Video gamers have long been receptive with purchasing in-game items and accessories via microtransactions. NFTs are the following generation of microtransactions, handing gamers even greater power with the ability to buy for and exchange assets or even earn a percentage from future resales. The NFT marketplace could inspire enthusiasts of video game franchises to create unofficial NFT-powered assets like fan art and external projects inspired by in-game storylines.

2. NFT gaming provides a novel gateway to cryptocurrency

The rise of NFT gaming is simultaneously raising awareness of the facility of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Aleksander Leonard Larsen, co-founder of the hugely popular NFT gaming title Axie Infinity, said that half its active player base had never traded cryptocurrency before engaging with the play-to-earn model.

3. NFTs are specializing in interoperability

Perhaps the most important idea for NFT gaming and game publishers is that the concept of the interoperability of NFTs. Tokens housed within a โ€œlocalโ€ blockchain of gamers actively playing within the identical franchise are going to be ready to transfer NFTs and enhance earlier or future releases with exclusive in-game assets compatible with a complete series.

4. NFT gaming collectibles are already on the increase

Video game publishers are already working hard to plot collectible NFTs that long-time fans of gaming franchises can invest in as rare pieces of gaming history. It may be retro MIDI-style game sounds or game art, or perhaps physical memorabilia like paintings, figurines, and statues. Anything that celebrates a video gameโ€™s lifespan. As an example, Capcom opted to form NFT trading cards of iconic Street Fighter characters, including the likes of Dhalsim and Ryu.

5. NFTs can bring fanatics even closer to their favorite games

NFTs within the latest video and online games are designed to bring gaming enthusiasts closer than ever to their favorite franchises. NFTs will help to reward the loyalty of long-time players, with rewards and access to unique events and releases irrespective of whether the NFTโ€™s value rises or falls.

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