10 Interesting Facts About Bingo to Get You Excited for the Next Game

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#10 Interesting facts about Bingo. Image: Bingo.Family team

Bingo is one of the most popular pastimes in the world.

Do you like to know more about one of the most well-known games in the world?

We will have your back. We’ve gathered some fascinating bingo facts that you should be aware of.

Let’s start!

1. Italy in 1530 is where the game first appeared.

One of the first known types of bingo is “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia,” an Italian lottery that was first played in 1530. Around 1770, the game was brought from Italy to France and adopted the name “Le Lotto,” which was a popular game among affluent Frenchmen. And in the 1880s, Germany popularized a game that was intended to teach students history, spelling, and math.

2. The term “Housey-Housey” was previously used to describe bingo in the UK.

One of the best-known bingo facts in the UK is that it was previously called “Housey-Housey” in that country. The design of the tickets is the sole thing that distinguishes Housey-Housey from Bingo. The bingo patterns and numbers look quite different!

3. In the US, it was formerly known as “Beano.”

In fact, this is a well-known bingo fact! To keep track of the numbers on their tickets, players used beans. It was a traditional fair game where participants marked their cards with beans and the dealer selected numbered discs from a cigar box. The bingo call for the winner was “Beano.”

4. Superstitions could help you succeed.

Like any other game of chance, bingo has a few superstitions and lucky customs that are thought to increase winning potential. Some people might possess lucky objects like pens and chairs. In other situations, some players think that going three times around their chairs will ward off bad luck.

5. Playing a game of bingo isn’t just getting frisky for Grandma!

Contrary to popular assumption, bingo is not just played by elderly individuals. In fact, people aged 25 to 34 make up more than a third of online bingo players. In actuality, 62% of bingo players are female and 38% of them are men.

6. A lot of renowned people enjoy playing bingo.

Bingo has a long history, even among society’s upper class. For instance, Catherine Zeta-Jones owes everything to bingo when her father won enough money to pay for her to attend acting school. Robbie Williams plays bingo with Daryl Hannah at his neighborhood bingo hall in Stoke in the music video for the song Feel. Her Majesty the Queen prefers the term “Palace” to “house”! And who knows, perhaps a famous person will serve as your next game’s host and bingo caller!

7. Churches use bingo to raise funds.

When a Catholic priest in Pennsylvania utilized bingo to raise money for his church, the practice of using it as a fundraising event was born. It has subsequently become a well-liked feature in some parishes, so this isn’t just some odd bingo fact. It’s not surprising given its straightforward rules that it became a well-liked charity game, even in certain parishes in the UK!

8. In the UK, 8% of the population participates in bingo.

Over 3 million individuals play bingo at least twice a week, making up 10% of all women and 5% of all males who live in the country. The fact that more money is spent on bingo tickets in the UK each year than on all football games combined is actually one of the most interesting bingo facts to discuss.

9. A Welsh woman broke the record for bingo winnings in 2012.

The highest bingo prize winner of 2012 was reportedly a woman by the name of Christine Bradfield, who took home over £1.1 million at The Castle Club in Merthyr Tydfil. She divided her earnings with her close friend and sister-in-law, Lorraine Williams, as they had agreed to split any winnings from their twice-weekly bingo sessions.

10. The biggest bingo win online came to almost £5.9 million.

Bingo players must have had a truly fantastic year in 2012. This is because one of the most intriguing bingo facts and numbers is that John Orchard won £5,883,044 in the same year that Bradfield won her prize money after just betting 30p on a game. The largest payment ever made to an online bingo participant was that!

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